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  1. Paul says:

    Damn, slinky! You ARE the man. This is EXACTLY the review I needed to see. (love the coiff!) I am getting ready to replace my Stock Polaris screen with one of these. My screen is 12 in. long. I can see over it, which I like and want. But my head gets buffeted badly when I exceed 65 mph, and it doesn’t feel safe; plus, it is tiring on long trips. It looks like F4 stock is longer than the Polaris stock shield. I was about to order the F4+3, but it looks like it might be too high for me. I am 6.2, 230#, and the top of my head is even with the top of my PRP seat (older version than yours, but I am guessing the back is the same height). So, whatcha think? I am getting an F4 based on your review and stellar video professionalism. But I am still uncertain re: F4 stock vs. +3. But please confirm that the F4 stock is higher than the Polaris stock that I got with my base model??? I don’t want to buy an F4 that is the same height as the one I already have… (i.e., 12 in long; not high). Thanks for all you are doing for the SS community. It is beyond AWESOME.


    1. No man sorry, the stock height looked identical in height to the Polaris. Based on what it sounds like the +3 would probably fit the best. Either that or consider an adjustable shield like this one. http://www.slingmods.com/exterior/windshields/adjustable-windshields/polaris-slingshot-adjustable-windshield


  2. Paul says:

    to add to my previous comment. Of course, it would be great to sit in SS’s with different sized shields. But my dealer does not carry any shields–other than what I might special order. So comparing them is impossible. Are you planning to have the shields on display at SpringSling???? That is the only way I can imagine making a truly informed decision. But I hate to wait until May 20! Any ideas? Thanks.


    1. I will find out! I hope so. You could also have someone hold a tape measurer 3 and 5 inches above the edge to see where the new edge would be……But I like your idea better. 🙂


  3. Mike Wazowski says:

    Is that your grandma shooting with you?


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