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  1. Chuck Simpson says:

    I find any installation done on video is a lot better than just reading the instructions. Your video installation of the air horn makes the job a lot easier. I purchased this item during SlingMods Black Friday sale and needed to be “talked through” the fuse installation as I was not aware that I was to cut the fuse wire that was in a loop or hoop formation as it came out of the box. I thought I had “extra” parts”, as the written instructions were not so clear as your video. I also got to find out what a wire loom is. When I asked the guy at Lowes where they had them, he had no idea what I was talking about. However, I was able to purchase some “bendable plastic wire tubing”. I guess that’s what they call a wire loom at Lowes. I really like the air horn combined with the stock horn sound over just the stock horn sound. It really helps gets the other driver’s attention before they can do something stupid to you. Thanks to you and Slingmods for another fine product and video.

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    1. Thanks Chuck!! Stay tuned! I appreciate all the comments. 🙂 I’m glad I can be of help. That’s my goal.


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