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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for #20!!!Always interesting! Gotta believe that neighbor of yours is wracking his brain trying to figure out how to talk his wife into getting an SS. Bummer about the Go-Pro….as you’ve learned, they are not indestructible, but cost like they should be!!

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    1. I’m sure he is! He loved the ride!

      Yeah, those damn things are expensive. I’ve watched videos of them falling out of planes, going through washing machines etc….I bounce one off the ground at some undisclosed speed and it’s total annihilation. 🙂 Live and learn I guess.


  2. Tripod says:

    Parts for the headlight safety bulletin are now available to the dealers. I notified my dealer of the issue today & they immediately ordered the parts & expect to have them by the end of the week. Not sure what the parts are exactly but at least the fix is now available.

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    1. Nice!! I’m calling my dealer today. If I get a different story, at least I’ll know what happens with yours.


  3. Roger Rigsal says:

    I took my Sling in for the recall fix for the headlight harness and now the bypass switch I bought from Cycle Springs does work anymore. The switch only controls the center headlights only. I believe the fix has two relays versus one before the recall fix so now anyone that invested in the bypass switch is out of luck unless someone can figure out how to control all four headlights with one bypass switch.


    1. I have a bypass switch as well. It was sold by Slingmods and it was updated from their first design. It’s more robust and it turns off all of the headlights. You should look into it once you get yours fixed if you still want a bypass switch.


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